2011 – 2016: New Ventures, New Challenges & The Way Ahead

The year 2013 saw the revival of Ecoscape, a responsible tourism venture located in Madhuvana Estate and supported by the Adivasi community of Gudalur. All proceeds from the enterprise are fed back into the community. This is meant to act as one of the pillars of our journey towards Financial Self Reliance. http://www.ecoscape.co.in/
PLENTI is another project aimed at bringing about financial independence of the organisation and involves senior professionals from abroad visiting and living here and donating their services to the community. http://www.plentiproject.org/
Starting 2013, ACCORD has worked on implementing a number of programmes supported by Tata Trust. Key among them include livelihood schemes such as bee keeping and skill training as well as pilot housing project using community labour and locally sourced eco friendly materials.
2016 saw a paradigm shift in ACCORD’s work with the decision to develop a new generation of community leaders who will continue with the work. Accordingly a youth programme has been launched to identify and groom tomorrow’s leaders. As the community grapples with the changing times and lifestyles, these young men and women are beacons of hope to lead them into the future.

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