1989 – Housing & More

ACCORD has, in many ways, been blessed with the service of visionary people in every field. Housing was no different.   While we have always known the need for better housing in the villages, especially with access and availability of bamboo and thatch decreasing, we never really had a vision for it beyond thinking of it as a roof and walls. All of that would change with the arrival of young architects, Anu and Krishna, from Gudalur.

The first housing project was in Kozhikolly village, Devala headed by Cauvery Bopaiah, followed by the housing project at Veramanga by Krishna, all leading up to the project at Kottaimeedu village in Devershola in 2016.

Education also had its beginning this year with the first balwadi  (elementary child education center) being started this year at Kottamangalm by Jacintha Vincent along with Kalyani and Theyakunnu Meenakshi.

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