We work with a marginalised adivasi community whom the Govt of India has categorised as a Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group (PVTG). It is important that we are all sensitive to their way of life and this policy statement is made out to safeguard that.

  1. All requests for internships/research/volunteering should be addressed to and
  2. Undergraduate and degree students will not be considered unless in exceptional cases.
  3. Every request should be accompanied by a CV as well as a SOP as to why the individual/team wishes to work with the organisation and how they hope to contribute to the community.
  4. We will be requesting a fee of Rs. 5000 for all placements within the organisation which will cover the cost of organisation’s time as well as resources. However, for deserving candidates, this fee may be waived upon request
  5. Subject to availability, accommodation is available in the organisation at the rate of Rs.100/night. Food expenses will be extra.
  6. There will be a mid level review of the interns as well as a final presentation which must be accompanied by a deliverable.
  7. Please enter Adivasi villages only when accompanied by a staff member. Remember you are entering someone’s home so please be respectful of their privacy and needs.
  8. All interns are requested to strictly adhere to the photography policy of the organisation
    1. Photographs to be taken only with the consent of Staff concerned
    2. All pictures to be shared with ACCORD with full rights to use them
    3. Photographs to be acknowledged when personally used by the interns

Warm regards